Laws and regulations Arish boarding houses

1- rooming house as a second home to live and relax and exploitation of cultural and welfare facilities accept.
2- all customs, traditions and beliefs respected people in this place, are required to conduct according to the current legislation in place pensions and religious customs and holy
3- limits the hours of 6 am and the last departure homestay pensions arrival time is 22 hours. After 22 hours of boarding houses doors will not open at all. Islamic dress codes is necessary. If you see for the first time by the authorities and, if pension to a verbal warning and repeated non-compliance, contract termination and Aqamtgr is obliged to leave the boarding houses.
6- responsibility for valuables such as gold, money, and personal property inside the room itself was Aqamtgr and Pensions any responsibility if things do not lose this.
7- Rat clean and having all the necessities such as blankets and personal necessities required.
8- personal hygiene and maintain cleanliness living rooms and all public areas is essential.
9- cook or warm food and the use of expensive electrical equipment in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
10 in the cleaning and maintenance of public facilities on the floors, the rooms and toilets note, otherwise damage caused by lack of attention Aqamtgr calculated by boarding houses and will be deducted from the deposit.
11- due Damages to the room and its equipments is Aqamtgr.
13- event of any conflict and dispute among residents, termination of the contract parties and parties will be required to leave the boarding houses within 24 hours.
14. in accordance with the orders of Tehran's office of public spaces: the males even the father, brother, husband, and ... the door boarding houses is strictly prohibited.
15- hour off on pensions would be 23 hours, so the purpose of establishing Farina.
17- use of hair dryers, hair straighteners and in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
18- and kept smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the workplace boarding houses.
21- to guest (even relative degree) is not allowed in the rooms.

خوابگاه خودگردان(پانسیون،اقامتگاه) دخترانه لوکس و مجهز خودگردان اریش (دانشجویی/کارمندی) در تهران محدوده هفت تیر ، ولیعصر ، مطهری با کلیه امکانات رفاهی و با بهره گیری از سیستم مدیریت نوین و استفاده از تجهیزات و ملزومات استاندارد خوابگاهی در خدمت دانشجویان ، کارمندان و مسافران محترم می باشد.

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